The New Portrait Zine

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The New Portrait gallery show is accompanied by a 52 page zine, complete with select artwork, artist statements, excerpts from photo books, essays and interviews. Designed by the insanely talented Sierra Siemer, and edited by myself, the purpose of the zine was to provide a companion piece to the show. Something to expand upon the theme explored in the gallery show and create something tangible that would outlast the physical exhibition (which runs until September 6th at the Bishop Gallery  at 916 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn). It’s not a show catalogue, however everyone who had pieces in the show has a piece in the zine as well, plus 11 other contributors from all over the world.

The zine is special to me. Not only does it further expand upon the ideas of the intersection of identity and portraiture as explored through technology, but it also exemplifies the dedication that many people in our generation (and many of my friends) have to exploring this idea. It is important and I believe it is explored here through all different types of viewpoints and subjects surrounding that overarching theme.


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