Selfies, Society and Sartre

Unfortunately, a few more details had to be worked out so the zine will be available to purchase tomorrow!! In the meantime I wanted to give you a preview of the zine by highlighting a piece written by Mengeh Seaux about selfies in contemporary society and some of the potential drawbacks or problems with them set in a larger cultural context. I thought she provided one great side of the selfie argument, which is definitely meant to be challenged. Everyone has a different opinion. Tell us what you think about selfies in the comments below. Also, check out James Franco’s (surprisingly) interesting piece in the New York Times about selfies if you’re interested in another perspective!

In the meantime, I also wanted to thank everyone who submitted selfies in instagram using the hashtag #newportraitselfie to be a part of this illustration process. It was so fun to see everyone’s selfies come in and it was a fun way to both include more people in the project and provide the piece with a meaningful illustration to accompany the text.





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