Andreas Gursky and the Chanel Supermarket in Elle


Kristen Stewart by Michael Thompson in Elle Magazine September 2014

Andreas Gursky, 99 Cent, 1999

Andreas Gursky, 99 Cent, 1999


September is just around the corner and all the magazines are debuting their September covers. Elle magazine has released both their cover, starring Kristen Stewart, as well as their feature editorial quite early, getting us all ready for the onslaught of 800-page marathon magazines. Stewart’s spread, photographed by Michael Thompson, is set in the supermarket amongst the multicolored shelves and produce, very clearly referencing the Chanel FW 14 show  where they built an entire supermarket set for a less traditional runway show.

The rest of the Elle spread is less impressive but the image above is able to both successfully reference the Chanel show as well as Andreas Gursky’s 99 Cent image, which photographically manipulates the depth perception in the store making all the isles blend into one. What Thompson’s image does is set Stewart in a colorful kaleidoscope of consumerism, self aware of their use of styling Stewart in Chanel, which only layers more meaning onto the image (in a good way). What do you think of Elle’s September covershoot?



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